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Are superhero/comic book shows the new vampire show?

Because there are like 12 shows happening this fall that are superhero based and 10 of them are new. 

It’s funny because I never considered myself to be someone going with trends but my debut novel Revealed is about vampires and my most recent novel To be a Hero deals with heroes.

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Introduction to the Production Department

In this section of the series the production of a book will be covered. Some of the blogs will apply to e-books and printed ones, while there will also be articles focusing on each of these two options separately.

The first big topic will be about designing the cover and hiring a cover artist. Then there will be articles about the book jacket, which you will need for printed books. Afterwards I will talk about the inside of the book, writing articles about what pages you need other than the actual story. Finally, there will be a section on formatting, going into detail on e-books as well as printed books.

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Physical Signs Of Fear


- Wide Eyes
- Raised Eyebrows
- Flared Nostrils
- Clenched Mouth
- Larger personal space
- Slouching or hunching to minimize their exposure
- Taller or squared shoulders as in an aggressive response
- Feet may be pointed to locate a way out of the situation
- Crossed arms and hands
- Drumming of fingers
- Fidgeting
- Rapid Breathing
- Shaking or tapping legs
- Breathing more rapid and shallow
- Increase in blood pressure
- Increase in pulse rate
- Dilated Pupils
- Dry Mouth
- Body hair standing on end
- Tense and energized muscles
- Increased perspiration
- Digestive and Immune systems slow down
- Trembling and shaking
- Peristalsis reduced
- Increased glycogen to glucose conversion
- Norepinephrine and epinephrine secreted
- Sweaty Palms
- Nervous Ticks
- Increase in thoughts and Mind Racing
- Screaming, yelling or inability to do these things
- Immobility or paralysis
- Hives or skin rashes, skin conditions

(Source:, via thewritingcafe)

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Anonymous asked: Is there any way to write FASTER? I feel like I write so little each day compared to other people.


Write faster? Or write more?

If you want to write faster, you have to practice typing and writing.

Otherwise, let’s look at what might make you write less:

  • Distractions: Television, internet, friends, your phone, and other distractions keep you from writing. Music isn’t always a distraction and it can help stimulate one part of your brain so that you can concentrate on something else. Background noise from the television can do the same, but you might be tempted to watch. Get rid of distractions when you write.
  • Don’t Know What to Write: Some people are able to write without a plan. Others cannot. Have you tried making an outline? It can be detailed or vague, but it might help you go in the right direction. This way, it’s less likely that you’ll get stuck when writing.
  • Editing: Some writers have a problem where they edit as they write. Do not edit as you write. This will slow you down. Just keep going and take notes if you want to change something that you have already written. Fix it later.
  • Perfectionist: You write a sentence. Then delete. Then rewrite it. Then delete it again. Perfectionists need to get everything right on the first try. Once you’ve got a sentence down, keep going. Write whatever comes to mind. Again, you can fix it all later.
  • Wrong Idea: You might have chosen the wrong idea, character, or plot to write about. Try writing something else and see how that goes.
  • You’re Not Writing Every Day: Turn writing into a habit. Make it something you do every day. When you do something every day, it becomes more natural to you.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how much you write in a day, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting somewhere. Try not to compare yourself to others. Their accomplishments are irrelevant to yours.

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The Dangers of Gardening


When people start dying of mysterious wounds the rumoured vampires aren’t the only danger in town. 

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